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Mix Engineer CJ deVillar in his Live Broadcast Mix Studio

Songworx is CJ deVillar – a world class recording & mix engineer who has worked with Quincy Jones, Disturbed, Michael Jackson, P. Diddy, O.A.R. and many independent artists who need that huge, lush, dynamic sound of the great records. That same music production experience, that same dynamic master and song consideration is available to Indie artists, professional producers and Laptop warriors, online.

A compelling powerful mix is the single most crucial, most important finishing step in the music production business. It simply makes or breaks your baby right there. I consistently bring out the absolute best musical power and dynamic vocal energy from multi-track projects even if they were home recorded on the simplest of set-ups, in not so perfect studios.

Mix Engineer CJ deVillar at his Neve 8078

This entire site is dedicated to helping you make the critical decision about which mix engineer you will choose for your project, so for your reference, please take a look at my credits and put your ears on a few of my mixes.

If there’s one thing to take away from this site if nothing else, it’s that a solid mix engineer, experience and ears are everything. Pick the right mix engineer above all other considerations. The mix equipment and studio are a distant second-place by far since there’s no way the best of those things will help the inexperienced mixer.

I’d rather have a great mix engineer mix my tracks in my kitchen instead. Really, I would. Why do I believe that? It’s because I’ve mixed through all manner of low to amazing high quality gear, and the aspect that mattered most were the right mix decisions. Btw, I use Pro-Tools-HDX 64-bit @ 96k with UAD-2 Octo and Ultimate Plugin Package.

Thanks again and please  message me through this link. Cheers, CJ

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